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Trustmode™ Marketing helps companies gain confidence and focus through customized marketing solutions that maximize returns and drive business decisions.

We focus on trust

Looking at the turmoil in world markets, it’s clear that trust in businesses is at a low, perhaps an all-time low. A survey by Leger suggests that people trust publicists less than lawyers, bankers, journalists and car salespeople.* In fact, since 2002, trust in publicists alone has dropped 39 percent. And Nielsen reports that consumers are shifting trust away from traditional marketing and toward information from real people.**  It’s no coincidence that the economy went into a tailspin when consumer confidence declined.

We see marketing as a key business activity

Most marketing companies are heavily skewed toward communications or straight sales. Great concepts or great numbers. But rarely both. And rarely with an eye to creating a business process you can review, refine and ramp up over time.

Then there’s Trustmode Marketing. We help companies build profitable customer relationships based on reusable principles that help you keep a handle on costs and effort. And we do it without making your customers feel like they’re part of a marketing machine. We keep the focus on your customer’s very real needs and concerns. With Trustmode, your customers aren’t numbers – but we make sure that someone’s keeping an eye on the numbers that drive your bottom line.

As we see it, marketing means connecting buyers and sellers. We’re here to help you:

  • Research, analyze and understand your market and the problems they face
  • Develop products and services that pose solutions for those problems
  • Present your offering as a credible solution
  • Build strong trust-based relationships with customers so that they value you and your offering
  • Gain measurable feedback and look ahead to keep customer relationships strong, profitable and sustainable – and ready for the changes the future will bring

We respect your budget, bottom line and business size

After 12 years in business, we know every business has a different budget, funding level and risk tolerance. So we offer marketing solutions and services with that in mind. We’ve worked with tiny startups, established businesses and the Fortune 500. And we think all businesses deserve options for pursuing their dreams.

We’ve been doing this for a while

Andréa Coutu, MBA, is the founder and director of Trustmode Marketing, a Vancouver marketing consulting firm. After more than 12 years as an independent marketing consultant, Andréa has a record of achievement in business retention, lead generation, communications and strategic analysis. She’s known for solving business problems, managing projects, developing relationships and improving processes. Drawing from a BA in English and an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University, Andréa combines creative flair with solid business acumen. Google+

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