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Solutions and services – from Trustmode™, fractional CxO consultants

As we see it, business means connecting buyers and sellers. In a nutshell, we’re a company led by Andréa Coutu, a fractional CxO, here to help you:

  • Research, analyze and understand your market and the problems they face
  • Develop products and services that pose solutions for those problems
  • Present your offering as a credible solution
  • Build strong trust-based relationships with customers so that they value you and your offering
  • Gain measurable feedback and look ahead to keep customer relationships strong, profitable and sustainable – and ready for the changes the future will bring
  • Support you in developing into a leader, whether that’s help with confidence to keep pace with your growing company or more tactical skills like making marketing and financial decisions

What’s a fractional CxO, you ask? See here.

Coaching, Training and Facilitation

  • Coaching, business crisis support and business transition & planning support
  • Career, leadership and executive training and coaching
  • Training in business development, growth, operations and planning
  • Courses in business development, product development, and information products.

Business, Marketing and Communications Plans

  • Business Plans
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Policy Papers
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Communication Plans

Shift your business into Trustmode.

Fractional CxO consultants & business coaches – Trustmode Consulting.