6 signs that your marketing pipeline is leaking

1. Unexpected results

When investing in marketing, you should have a specific idea of what you expect to get out of your investment. How many sales? How many unique visitors? How many sign-ups? When your results don’t mesh with your expectations, you may have a leaky marketing pipeline.

2. Strong leads dropping off the radar

When your marketing pipeline is top-heavy but it fails to convert strong leads into sales, your marketing pipeline may be leaking. If a prospect desires your product but goes with a competitor, you’ve got to find out why. Where and why are you losing a potential customer to your competitor? Find the leak.

3. Frustration

Getting frustrated with low returns on marketing investment? Frustration with marketing is a sure sign that changes may be necessary.

4. Focusing solely on the sale

Today, marketing isn’t just about sales. It’s about relationships. If you focus solely on promoting your message and brand without looking at your relationship with the customer, I guarantee that you’ve got a leaky marketing pipeline. Don’t just focus on bombarding your client with your message. Cultivate a relationship.

5. Treating prospects as a whole

Your target market isn’t a giant mass of potential dollar signs. They’re not even people. Your target market is one person. Speak to the individual. Remember the individual. Build a relationship with each individual.

6. Forgetting about the customer once the sale has been made

Your best customers are your existing customers. Your marketing pipeline may be leaking at the end of the line. Don’t forget to cultivate the relationship with the customer even after the sale has been made.

Recognize any of these signs? Think your marketing pipeline may be leaking? Don’t just keep on doing what you’ve always done. Find the leak, fix the leak and experience the results.