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We’ve been doing this for a while

Andréa Coutu, MBA, is the founder and director of Trustmode Marketing, a Vancouver marketing consulting firm.  I started my consulting and freelance business while I was still in my undergraduate degree. Something inside me motivated me to serve others and affect social change by helping businesses and organizations better connect with clients, develop strategic and responsive plans, and navigate the changing world of business and technology. In those days, I was one of the few consultants with a webpage and my business quickly took off, with clients ranging from small start ups to the Fortune 500.

As my business grew, I realized I have a strong desire to work with small- and mid-sized businesses, where my commitment to strong relationships and caring can best come through. I’ve been privileged to work with a wide variety of people over the years. While I have a solid record of achievement in business retention, lead generation, communications and strategic analysis and I’m known for solving business problems, managing projects, developing relationships and improving processes, my commitment to people and out-of-the-box thinking helped define my path. Drawing from a BA in English and an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University, I strive to combine a creative flair with solid business acumen, but it’s my people skills that got me where I am.

I added teaching to my offerings, starting as one of the first educators for an online teaching service that prepared executives for MBA programs. From there, I went on to teach for UBC’s Multimedia/Marketing program and Simon Fraser University’s Beedie Business School and Publishing program, as well as guest lecturing for Vancouver Island University, Langara College, Vancouver Native College and the Masters in Publishing at SFU.

In 2006, with students and other consultants asking me how to start consulting businesses, I founded ConsultantJournal.com, an online resource for independent consultants, which sees tens of thousands of visitors each month. After my article on setting fees went viral, I published my first book, Consulting Fees, and then expanded to offer other books and an online course.

In 2017, I collaborated with Tracy Humphreys to launch CareQuadrant, an online provider of continuing professional development courses approved by law societies, professional counselling organizations and other professional organizations.  We partnered with the Columbia Institute to promote our courses to their conference attendees. Our courses include advocacy, reflective practice and inclusive language and pronouns.

Along the way, I ran smack-dab into life crises. I had to reconfigure my business repeatedly to navigate huge changes — and get involved in policy advocacy to create systemic change. My lived experience expanded to include creating huge change in government systems and brought me extraordinary experience in policy, advocacy, legal, healthcare, education and social services systems. This meant not only navigating services for myself and my family, but joining other taskforce members at what is now known as BCEDAccess Society, helping to guide the organization’s growth and media coverage, and to support parents and families in navigating systems. Moreover, I became a pro at running case conferences, building paper trails, presenting innovative solutions to policy makers, and remaining undeterred with my vision but committed to building strong relationships and finding common ground. In 2019, The Hon. Joyce Murray, MLA, honoured me as one of her constituency’s Hidden Heroes for ongoing and meaningful change to the people and communities of Vancouver-Quadra.

As I guided and reshaped my business, I decided to lean into my unique lived experience. My vulnerabilities would give way to my future. I had repeatedly drawn on humour, innovative thinking and building relationships. I pursued studies in Psychological First Aid (Johns Hopkins), Trauma-Informed Practice, Collaborative Problem Solving and Indigenous cultural safety. I also vocally embraced my Indigenous and settler ancestry, taking up deep work in my own attempt to reconcile those truths and ways of knowing.

With those pivots and experiences, I’ve become a people-first advocate with an eye to helping others overcome roadblocks, small and large, in their businesses and organizations. I look forward to working with you and your organization, whatever your challenges and opportunities may be.

We focus on trust

Looking at the turmoil in world markets, it’s clear that trust in businesses is at a low, perhaps an all-time low. A survey by Leger suggests that people trust publicists less than lawyers, bankers, journalists and car salespeople.* In fact, since 2002, trust in publicists alone has dropped 39 percent. And Nielsen reports that consumers are shifting trust away from traditional marketing and toward information from real people.**  It’s no coincidence that the economy went into a tailspin when consumer confidence declined.

We see marketing as a key business activity

Most marketing companies are heavily skewed toward communications or straight sales. Great concepts or great numbers. But rarely both. And rarely with an eye to creating a business process you can review, refine and ramp up over time.

Then there’s Trustmode Marketing. We help companies build profitable customer relationships based on sustainable, reusable systems and principles that help you keep a handle on costs and effort. And we do it without making your customers feel like they’re part of a marketing machine. We keep the focus on your customer’s very real needs and concerns. With Trustmode, your customers aren’t numbers – but we make sure that someone’s keeping an eye on the numbers that drive your bottom line.

As we see it, marketing means connecting buyers and sellers. We’re here to help you:

  • Research, analyze and understand your market and the problems they face
  • Develop products and services that pose solutions for those problems
  • Present your offering as a credible solution
  • Build strong trust-based relationships with customers so that they value you and your offering
  • Gain measurable feedback and look ahead to keep customer relationships strong, profitable and sustainable – and ready for the changes the future will bring

We respect your budget, bottom line and business size

After more than 20 years in business, we know every business has a different budget, funding level and risk tolerance. So we offer marketing solutions and services with that in mind. We’ve worked with tiny startups, established businesses and the Fortune 500. And we think all businesses deserve options for pursuing their dreams.

In addition to marketing and business services, we also offer business crisis supports to individuals and families.

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