Who ya callin’ a fractional CxO?

Fractional CxO – over the years, I’ve found a lot of ways to describe what we do at Trustmode, but fractional CxO is increasingly feeling like the right term. While I’ve tried on coach and consultant over the years, these have always felt a bit short. They miss the depth and range of the services […]

Community Futures

If you’re interested in help to register for Community Futures EDP programs, such as the COVID Business Reboot Resiliency program, I am offering some free sessions where I will help you through the simple registration process. I know some of us (me included) feel a bit overwhelmed with forms, even the ones that just have […]

Business crisis support groups

Trustmode is offering FREE business crisis support groups for entrepreneurs experiencing challenging times. Please see details here.

Community Futures – Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

We’re excited to announce that Trustmode has been named to the roster of approved coaches, consultants and trainers for Community Futures, specifically the innovative Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program and the COVID Business Reboot program. You can learn more about EDP and apply here. Our founder, Andréa Coutu, MBA, has pursued additional training in psychological first […]

Forestry Affected Business Consulting Rebate

The Forestry Affected Business Consulting Rebate is British Columbia’s response to mill closures and forestry industry struggles in Northern BC. Designed to help businesses recover costs from working with consultants, the rebate aims to help businesses withstand the economic downturn. According to Northern Development, the Forestry Affected Business Consulting Rebate will help reimburse small- and […]

Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program

The Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program offers a rebate to small- and mid-sized businesses in specific industries in Northern BC. These include businesses engaged in manufacturing, innovative technologies, resource processing, transportation, distribution and their first line suppliers for customized outsourced consulting services. What is the Competitiveness Consulting Rebate? This Competitiveness Consulting Rebate aims to help Northern […]

7 tips from a Vancouver marketing consultant

Interested in ramping up your marketing strategies? Get results by taking action on these tips from a Vancouver marketing consultant: 1. Set targets and make plans to reach them Do you know where you want to be and how you’re going to get there? If you don’t set targets you certainly can’t reach them. Running a […]

Shotgun marketing – is it hurting your business?

Shotgun marketing tends to be one of the most common and most harmful marketing practices around. Shotgun marketing means you’re running your business without a strategic marketing plan and just taking fire at whatever is there. It’s called shotgun marketing because shotguns fire a ton of pellets at an area, without focus. The problem with […]

8 tips for hiring a Vancouver marketing consultant

Vancouver marketing consultants… Hiring one can seem daunting. Which Vancouver marketing consultant can best help you achieve your goals?

The trouble with fad marketing

The trouble with fad marketing is that, well, it’s a fad! But, seriously, fad marketing reminds me of a crucial mistake I see business owners making time and time again: jumping on the newest fad as though that, and that alone, is going to produce the results they’re looking for. Marketing is not a fad, and fad […]

5 ways a leaky marketing pipeline costs you

I recently outlined six signs that may indicate that your marketing pipeline is leaking. But with today’s busy schedules, you may rationalize inaction because you don’t have time to deal with the leaks in your marketing pipeline. I understand, I’m busy, too. But let me remind you of five ways a learky marketing pipeline costs you. The […]

6 signs that your marketing pipeline is leaking

1. Unexpected results When investing in marketing, you should have a specific idea of what you expect to get out of your investment. How many sales? How many unique visitors? How many sign-ups? When your results don’t mesh with your expectations, you may have a leaky marketing pipeline. 2. Strong leads dropping off the radar […]

11 of the most costly marketing mistakes

1. Not having a marketing plan One of the most costly marketing mistakes is a lack of planning and the absence of an overall marketing strategy. Don’t market piecemeal with a little of this and a little of that. Invest in a marketing plan that outlines where you’re going and how you’re going to get […]

Trust – the core of every relationship

Trust. It’s a simple word. But the importance of trust often goes unmentioned…until trust breaks down. Then you have a crisis on your hands. Although you might have a tendency to link trust to interpersonal relationships, it’s important to business relationships, too.

Vancouver Marketing Consultant team Trustmode Marketing launches

Vancouver marketing consultant Andréa Coutu today announced the launch of Trustmode Marketing. After running her Vancouver marketing consultant business under her own name for more than 12 years, Ms. Coutu saw an opportunity for a new business that would offer a suite of marketing consulting solutions and services. "Companies have been telling me that the […]