Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program

The Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program offers a rebate to small- and mid-sized businesses in specific industries in Northern BC. These include businesses engaged in manufacturing, innovative technologies, resource processing, transportation, distribution and their first line suppliers for customized outsourced consulting services.

What is the Competitiveness Consulting Rebate?

This Competitiveness Consulting Rebate aims to help Northern BC businesses. The rebate can be up to 50 percent for an annual maximum of $30,000 to recover external business consulting projects. The projects must focus on increased productivity, new or incremental revenues, profitability and/or job creation. The companies eligible must be privately owned, have fewer than 500 employees, revenues under $100 million and they must be headquartered within the Northern Development Initiative Trust region.

Competitive Consulting Rebate Details

Information on the program is subject to change – you’ll want to check with Northern Development Initiative Trust for details and to confirm all requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about working with Trustmode for the Competitiveness Consulting Rebate or other Northern Development Initiative Trust programs, including , contact us at andrea@trustmode.com or click here.