Success stories

Creating a marketing system to improve sales

Problem: The CEO of a small, high touch personal services company wanted to make marketing a more reliable, strategic, streamlined process — but without making customers feel like they were on an assembly line. The CEO saw the value of working with a marketing coach, but worried about handing over control of the business and losing the relationships that gave the firm its competitive edge.

Solution: Trustmode Marketing mentored the CEO through development of a marketing system, providing the guidance of a marketing director without sending marketing decisions to the outside.

Results: Sales rose 70 percent in the next fiscal year, showing that customers responded enthusiastically to the new relationship-focused marketing system. And the CEO remarks, "I’m much more confident in my marketing decisions now and I’m not wasting time. I’m focused and in a better position to grow the company. I can improve my numbers now without feeling like I’m treating my clients like numbers."

Marketing high ticket products in a recession

Problem: A mid market software company was facing a cash crunch as prospective clients tightened their belts.

Solution: Trustmode’s Andréa Coutu worked with the firm to promote upgrades to existing clients.

Results: In just days, the company had a 31 percent response rate. Hot on the heels of that success, Andréa launched a client referral program, leveraging the company’s existing client base to drive leads within days.

Drawing senior executives to a conference half-way around the world

Problem: When a software company wanted to draw international finance executives to a client conference, everyone said they’d have to go with a stodgy approach.

Solution: But Trustmode’s Andréa Coutu profiled the target market and recommended a hip campaign that emphasized the software as X-Ray vision for bankers.

Results: Andréa developed a direct mail campaign that drew 150 bankers from around the world to Vancouver.  Seeing the excitement generated by the direct mail, the company’s event manager extended the brand to the conference itself, handing out X-ray vision glasses and playing superhero music at the event. The “stodgy” bankers loved it.

Launching a new service to a saturated market

Problem: A mid-sized professional services company was under increasing pressure to turn one of its cost centres into a profit centre – fast. But the new line of business would mean launching in a market already saturated by a wide range of service providers. Worried that the board would decide to axe the department, the company contacted Trustmode Marketing for help.

Solution: Trustmode developed a plan for launching the firm’s services in the downtown core. Trustmode profiled the market, introduced a model for nurturing customer relationships with the aim of growing sales, and worked out a plan for the launch. Trustmode developed an integrated campaign, bringing in graphics and web specialists to tie in direct mail and online marketing.

Results: The upstart service provider saw a healthy return on its investment. The campaigns generated a healthy surge in requests for information. Five percent of all contacts opted into lead generation programs – an outstanding rate for any campaign, but phenomenal in a market full of “noise” from other vendors. The company was able to qualify many leads and build a strong start for its new line of business – achieving profit centre status for the department.

Turning a past disaster into a lead-generating success

Problem: A Vancouver company saw the value of webcasts, but had seen previous in-house attempts end in disaster as lines went down midstream. Reeling from the disaster but worried that competitors would point out the failure, the company turned to Trustmode’s Andréa Coutu for help.

Solution: Andréa worked out a detailed plan for choosing a new webcast provider and managing contingencies during the roll out of a series of webcasts.

Results: The $10,000 webcast series went off without a hitch. 100% of participants surveyed valued the content and 75% said they planned to purchase a new product within six months.

Securing $97,000 in seed capital

Problem: A small organization wanted to launch a food-processing plant and grocery store, but no funds to make the dream a reality.

Solution: Trustmode’s Andréa Coutu developed a detailed business plan.

Results: The plan won board approval and resulted in $97,000 in seed capital.

Repositioning a company as its core product becomes obsolete

Problem: A small business knew its core products would soon become obsolete. It had a new product, but no idea how to gain access to customers in the complicated buying process at hospitals.

Solution: Trustmode’s Andréa Coutu created and implemented a distribution plan and negotiated agreements with distributors, moving the company away from its former direct sales model.

Results: The company’s products are now available around the world, while the firm leverages the relationships and strengths of established distributors. The set up allows the company to focus on its core competencies and maintain a lean workforce that leaves it ready to respond rapidly to market changes.

Building strong, profitable customer relationships

Problem: An upstart company wanted to build strong relationships with prospective clients, but wasn’t sure where to start.

Solution: Trustmode Marketing developed and implemented a process for building relationships with prospective clients.

Results: The company’s monthly revenues are up 9.8% over the same period last year – in spite of the world market downturn.

Securing first-place search engine results to drive leads

Problem: A small Canadian company wanted to compete with US firms that dominated search engine results.

Solution: Trustmode Marketing developed and implemented a search engine marketing plan, including search engine optimization.

Results: The company now enjoys first place search results, which have led to rapid lead generation, a strong brand presence, market expansion and increased sales.

Leveraging Google Adwords for massive lead generation results

Problem: A niche communications firm wanted to introduce one of its biggest clients to Google AdWords marketing. But the firm lacked the in-house resources to manage the campaign.

Solution: The company hired Trustmode to develop and implement a plan for launching Adwords marketing, while coaching senior staff, mentoring junior staff, and reinforcing client communication.

Results: The firm put the ads in view of 770,000 people while achieving 5,000 click-throughs in six weeks – for the same cost as running an ad for two days in a major newspaper. In the final report to the end client, the firm identified and thanked Trustmode’s Andréa Coutu for her expertise.

Out of respect for our clients’ private business strategies, we’ve kept these success stories anonymous. We’re sure you’d want us to do the same for you. But check out our client testimonials to hear our accomplishments in the words of our clients.