Forestry Affected Business Consulting Rebate

The Forestry Affected Business Consulting Rebate is British Columbia’s response to mill closures and forestry industry struggles in Northern BC. Designed to help businesses recover costs from working with consultants, the rebate aims to help businesses withstand the economic downturn.

According to Northern Development, the Forestry Affected Business Consulting Rebate will help reimburse small- and medium-sizes businesses for up to 75 percent, to a maximum of $15,000.

What is the Forestry Affected Consulting Rebate (also known as the FAB Consulting Rebate or FAB Rebate)?

The Forestry Affected Consulting Rebate (also known as the FAB Consulting Rebate or FAB Rebate) will reimburse small and medium sized businesses (operators) for contracted consulting services up to 75 per cent, to a maximum of $15,000, for assistance with business efforts. Among others, eligible industries include retail, manufacturing, agriculture and ranching. Businesses can be incorporated or sole proprietorships and must be operating for at least three years and have revenue. Please verify all criteria with Northern Development — the program may change and this webpage may not reflect the latest. You can learn more through the program flyer and description of the forestry-affected consulting rebate program.

Eligible Industries

  • Retail
  • Retail Services
  • Tourism Operators
  • Hospitality
  • Accommodations
  • Agriculture/ranching
  • Innovation/technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Resource Processing (forestry, mining, energy)
  • Industrial supply chain (services and suppliers)

FAB Consulting Rebate Criteria

According to the program’s website:

  • “Small and medium sized businesses affected by mill closures/curtailments in Northern Developmentā€™s service region
  • Incorporated businesses, or sole proprietorships that have been established for three or more years with more than $30,000 in annual revenues
  • Operating businesses with revenue
  • Businesses with less than 500 employees
  • Annual revenues of less than $100 million
  • First Nations businesses in eligible industries
  • First Nations development corporations”

See also the Competitiveness Consulting Rebate.

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