Shotgun marketing – is it hurting your business?

Shotgun marketing tends to be one of the most common and most harmful marketing practices around. Shotgun marketing means you’re running your business without a strategic marketing plan and just taking fire at whatever is there. It’s called shotgun marketing because shotguns fire a ton of pellets at an area, without focus.

The problem with shotgun marketing

When you fire a shotgun, it works in a limited range against a fast moving target. But the penetration and force of the individual pellets is limited. It’s not an ideal tool for all situations. Likewise, if your marketing consists of responding to the latest crisis or the latest fad marketing offer, your efforts will lack focus and, while occasionally good for quick, short range problems, your marketing will lack power.

Focused, systematic marketing works better than a shot gun

When you work with a strategic marketing plan and a set of tools and messages customized for your unique challenges, opportunities and customers, you’re in a much better position. Strategic planning gives power and focus to your marketing because all the parts work together, reinforcing and stabilizing the work you’re doing. It also builds trust for your business, because your messages and ways of connecting with your market are consistent.
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