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COVID-19 Business Crisis Support Groups

Managing through business and personal crisis is critical. You may face increased uncertainty, stress, financial struggles, self care challenges, child care issues, isolation and the feeling of being stretched thin, on top of any issues from before the pandemic.

You’re invited to join us for a free business crisis support group. We hope to help you connect with other entrepreneurs who are also struggling, offer you some ideas for coping in a business and personal context, and approach things from the perspective of running a business in a difficult time with uncertainty about the future.

While COVID-19 is having a huge impact, we recognize that business crisis can come from a number of issues. This group takes an intersectional perspective.



Thursdays, 10:15 am – currently reserved for entrepreneurs who have children with special needs

Coming soon: General business crisis group. Book intake below..

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Please check back – there may be more dates and times !

Support groups will be offered through Zoom. We use a unique meeting ID and password, along with a virtual waiting room.

We are keeping the groups at 8-10 participants, so that you can make meaningful connections.


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You’ll complete a phone or video intake with our coach, Andréa Coutu, MBA, before you start the group. You’ll also fill out an intake form and agree to some consents forms. While we encourage all participants to keep information private, we note that the group is only as confidential as the participants keep it.


Groups will be hosted by Andréa Coutu, CEO of Trustmode. In addition to an MBA and 25 years of experience running three companies, Andréa has been a case manager, university educator, non-profit facilitator and worked in student services. She has worked in career and education consulting, developed courses and curriculum, taught for SFU and UBC, guest lectured at post-secondary institutions, and she built Consultant Journal into an online portal for more than 60,000 monthly readers. She has been interviewed by Entrepreneur, Marketing Magazine, CBC, Global News, and The Globe Report on Business and other media, and she has written for media ranging from local business journals to USA Today. Andréa is also the author of Consulting Fees and other books and courses for entrepreneurs.

If you have any questions, email andrea@trustmode.com
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