The trouble with fad marketing

The trouble with fad marketing is that, well, it’s a fad! But, seriously, fad marketing reminds me of a crucial mistake I see business owners making time and time again: jumping on the newest fad as though that, and that alone, is going to produce the results they’re looking for.

Marketing is not a fad, and fad marketing is not a marketing plan. Fad marketing is just a small part of a large whole.

If that’s so, then what is the whole? Marketing encompasses long-term strategies that help you achieve your goals. Long-term marketing strategies help you build relationships with your customers, and these relationships will stand the test of time.

Your long-term marketing plan can make use of a variety of strategies, which may even include some the fad marketing of the day. But fad marketing on its own is going to accomplish very little and the effects won’t last.

So whatever the fad, feel free to jump on board. But don’t forget that marketing involves creating whole solutions that will take you where you want to go. And the path to getting there is a long-term marketing strategy founded on trust-based relationships.