Vancouver Marketing Consultant team Trustmode Marketing launches

Vancouver marketing consultant Andréa Coutu today announced the launch of Trustmode Marketing. After running her Vancouver marketing consultant business under her own name for more than 12 years, Ms. Coutu saw an opportunity for a new business that would offer a suite of marketing consulting solutions and services.

"Companies have been telling me that the reason they turn to me is that I’ve been able to combine the hard parts of marketing with the softer, more creative aspects. Marketing is part art, part science," says Coutu. "With the launch of Trustmode Marketing, I’ll be offering services that better match the needs of businesses of all sizes, while putting a focus back on trust in relationships — something that the business world seems to be missing all too often these days."

Trustmode Marketing is giving away free copies of The Business Case for Marketing Based on Trust at www.trustmode.com.